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Default's great u posted the links...and i don't see why they should be removed....i'm a firm believer in the anti-piracy movement, as long as it doesn't harm the consumer in a way of "not being able to get it because it's not released, but yet we're not supposed to download." as this is an example........ u can no longer download jupiter(swallow the moon) remix, or what's simple is true remix, or many other jewel cd's for that matter that aren't the main album - u cannot buy them online either (some that is).... what i'm getting at is...why do u think i think it's ok to post the audio i do on my site? like the remixes and the unreleased audo...b/c it benefits the consumer, or fan ....since they aren't buying anything

why should the fan suffer b/c of this anti-piracy threat - especially when it's not even for sale anymore - that MAKES NO SENSE! i think the recording industry needs to see this otherwise their idea of having a solution to this problem will never come about.....

david - thanks for posting fiona audio (even though i at the time didn't like it, i wish i would've been able to download them all before the link was pulled) b/c now i cannot hear any of it - oh well at least you tried.

no offense to the moderators here.....but that's just ridiculous! it's not for sale...and won't be for a long time as it seems to why should we pull the plug - oh well...i guess we all have to suffer :unsure:
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