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Little Bird
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This is something that has been a big topic on a lot of message board FAQ sections so I thought I would let you know straight away.

There will always be sometimes when you are on a slow connection or pressed for time and all you want to do is see the text on the board in order to load your page quicker. But there's someone big signature pic or a tonne of smilies taking up all your loading time.

If you wish to turn this feature off, it is simple.

Go to 'My Controls'
From the menu on the left window, select 'Board Settings'
When asked the following questions, select 'NO'
* Do you wish to view members signatures when reading topics?
* Do you wish to view images in posts, such as smilies and posted images
* Do you wish to view members avatars when reading topics?

Remember all of these things can be reversed by simply repeating this process but selecting 'YES'

Another handy thing is the fast reply box.
This can also be turned on and off in the 'Board Settings' section of 'My Controls'.
It means you don't have to open another page in order to post a reply. It should be on by default but if you don't like it, then this too can also be turned off.

Feel free to contact admin or mods if you have any issues....or just post them in this forum.

In the end...only kindness matters

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