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Old 08-27-2008, 11:42 PM   #1
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Talking Chatting with Jewel!

Well, as some of you know I won passes to meet and interview Jewel almost two weeks ago. The evening started out a little crazy. We arrived at the Kentucky State Fair a little early but we ended up waiting in line for an hour which made us late getting into Freedom Hall. When we got to the backstage area several people told us that it was too late. I was heart broken. But, after speaking with Steve (the guy that runs the meet & greet and interviews) he told us not to worry that we would meet up with Jewel right after she finished performing on stage. A huge sigh of relief for me! Jewel was amazing on stage! The only complaint I would have is that it was way too short. Her shows usually last up to 2 hours! This one she was opening for Brad Paisley. She really put her heart into it and gave an extraordinary performance. Right as she walked off stage Steve had us walk backstage to meet her. I was full of excitement and nerves. I couldn't believe that it was finally happening! As we sat down to chat Ryan (my husband) said "What's up"?! and Jewel said "Sup"?! It kind of broke the ice a little... : )

Here goes the interview or more like a chat...

Jewel : Nice to meet you. How are you?

Me : Nice to meet you too. I'm fine.

Ryan : I'm Ryan by the way. I heard you just got married.

Jewel : I did. I just got hitched. Yep, I'm someone's old lady now. I'm Ty's old lady.

Me : Well, I've met you twice.

Jewel : You have?

Me : Yes, I was blonde.

Jewel : Oh, wow! You look good as a brunette.

Me : Thank you! I'm a little nervous...

Jewel: Oh, no! It's okay...I did nothing.

Me : You did wonderful tonight!

Jewel : Thank you! It's nice to be indoors. It helps sometimes.

Me : I just wanted to say a little sometime. Back in 2000 or 2001 you came to Louisville and my dad tried to get a interview with your "people". It didn't work out.

Jewel : Is he a journalist?

Me : He is a writer, he's written articles. He took me to the show anyway but now 8 years later here I am. Unfortunately, he passed away last year.

Jewel : Oh, I'm so sorry!

Me : It's kind of bittersweet. I wish he were here talking to you as well.

Jewel : I'm sure he's here.

Me : He is. : ) I just wanted to share that with you. I have questions but I can't find them.

Jewel : Don't worry about it. You can just visit. There doesn't have to be an agenda.

Me : Someone wanted me to ask you what your favorite jewel is.

Jewel : Right now my wedding ring. I think it's my favorite jewel.

Me : It's beautiful!

Jewel : Thank you!

Me : It's big!

Jewel : Yeah, it's really big!

Me : I have a big ring but it's fake.

Jewel : Anything goes. Anything works! Anything sparkly is good!

Me : Don't you have something coming out next month?

Jewel : I do, I have a dvd coming out. I did a couple of live in Dallas with the band and one in Chicago one with the orchestra and some acoustic shows. They compiled them and made a show. I think there's even stuff I did that's off this record that I didn't know was going to be on this record at the time. Yeah, hopefully it's good! I didn't watch it cause I hate watching myself I hate watching myself sing. I'm better than I think I am when I...when I listen back to myself it's not as good as I thought it was. So, I get really depressed when I watch myself.

Me : So, is that coming out this month or October? I've seen two different dates.

Jewel : Do you know when my dvd is coming out?

Amy : September...late September.

Jewel : Fourth quarter...that's what we call that. That's all I know...beginning of the fourth quarter.

Me : Also, I read a blog about a acoustic album..

Jewel : Yeah, I can. I'm going to do a record. It's hard! I've been working so hard. It's been really hard for me to try and fit everything in. I want to do a solo acoustic tour hopefully in January and February. Um but, I would like to do a acoustic record. There's a couple of records; I'd like to do a standards records ones I write..kind of old timey sounding. I'd like to do a record of lullaby songs and then I'd like to do an acoustic album. I'm not sure which will come first.

Me: Do you have to wait until after your Valory contract?

Jewel : I actually found a bunch of first record Pieces Of You was done at the Interchange. A lot of that was done live in a coffee shop and all of the songs that didn't make the record I just found. So, I thought I could just release that too. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do yet. Um, but I can do it. I can do it in March while I'm still on my Valory deal. So, I'm gonna try it's just getting organized enough to do it.

Me : So, do you have one more album with Valory?

Jewel : I do. Yeah, I have another record. Their a great label though...I'd be really happy to stay with them. They are a great little independant label and they are working really hard...I'm not easy to break on any side of any format so it's always been a lot of work and they've been really tenacious and really gritty and really have gotten in there. Like I Do hasn't been easy at all but they've gotten in there and stuck with it..a lot of labels would have bailed by now but they really stuck with it. So, everybody call your local stations and request the song!

Me : I have list...people tell me ask her this!

Jewel : Awww really?!

Me : They all wanted to come.

Jewel : Awww

Me : So, how's married life?

Jewel : Married life is good u know we got married in the Bahamas and I had a couple of days off...two days off and then I went back to the first time in four months I think. It's been a lot of work..this record. Um, and I'm back on tour and he's in Mexico tonight and there is a pbr world cup of bullriding in Mexico and Chiwawa so he's there. But, I love it! I'm really happy!

Me : When will you see him again?

Jewel : Monday, yep! My schedule now that I'm done with Nashville Star actually..I was gonna write a blog about this but I haven't yet. I turned down Dancing With The Stars. It was going to be hard I was gonna go from Nashville Star...I haven't had a day off. I've worked seven days week for four months solid and I haven't been home in four months. But, I love this record so it's really been worth the work for me but with Dancing With The Stars I wouldn't be home. I would have to live in LA and go on the road and would have been seven days a week. I'm really exhausted. I'm really tired. I thought now I will just focus on the tour that lasts until October and then I'll just stay on the road and focus on radio and get my songs hopefully doing good on radio and I guess we could do Dancing With The Stars in March. But, we'll see I don't know.

Me : I had read that Ty was thinking about doing it?

Jewel : Yeah, both of us. We wanted to do it together. Yeah, they asked both of us to do it. Which would have been really fun. I was just wiped out I just couldn't see myself swinging that. It would have been eights month without ever going home and I was just like what's the point.

Ryan : You've got to take a break sometimes.

Jewel : You've got to have a good life and balance it out. It's always hard balancing your career. I always feel so lucky to get the opportunites but sometimes you have to stick up for your life as much as you stick up gor your career.

Me : How are you going to do that when you have a family?

Jewel : I know!

Me : I've heard you're working on that. : )

Jewel : Yeah, Ty wants to start now! Um, yeah I don't know. Shoot, I won't do Dancing With The Stars!

Me : Do you plan on still making music?

Jewel : Yeah, I don't know how it will work though. I have no clue. I really have no idea.

Me : Having a child is totally different. We have a five year old.

Jewel : You do?

Ryan : She just started kindergarten (proud daddy) : )

Me : It changes your life in a good way.

Jewel : Yeah, yeah! I'll always make music. I just built a studio in my house in Texas so I can make my own little lo-fi records. I don't know if I can compete at radio and do what I'm doing now. It's a lot of work. But, I could be pretty happy dropping out and making lo-fi records that nobody hears about.

Me : As long as your making something I hear about and I can find.

Jewel : Yeah, I'll put it on the internet. Yeah, I Think I will always make music I'd go crazy. Yeah, I don't think I'll always be recorded like I am now. I feel lucky to do it but it's 300 days a's pretty demanding.

Me : What about a poetry book? A book?

Jewel : Yeah, I've been thinking about that lately. I bet I have one written...a poetry book. I bet if I put all my poems together I'd have a book. It's hard because it's so personal..u know? When I wrote my first book of poetry it was about lots of people about life and pretty much what I've been writing about is Ty so it's so personal that..I don't know. It's been a little different..u know? It's pretty personal. But, I have it written. I've been thinking about it. I'd like to. I'll try to get to that soon.

Me : I would love that!

Jewel : I'm glad!

Me : This one may be kind of may not want to answer it. I've just always wanted to know. I know you were raised mormon and that kind of ended badly...

Jewel : It wasn't badly for me. I was raised mormon. My mom's family is mormon and they are mormon from way back...I think back to the beginning of mormonism. I never have traced it but there are a long time mormon family. My dad wasn't raised mormon but he kind of had a crazy family and the mormon family there are really familly oriented...u know? Really lovely. But my dad got excommunicated. When my parents got divorced he had a child out of wedlock and that got him excommunicated but I was a kid I did what I was told.

Me : So, you're not a mormon now?

Jewel : No

Me : I know a lot of your songs speak of God...

Jewel : Yeah, I never had anything real organized or anything. I grew up outdoors so I was always really aware that something bigger than me made all of's so beautiful. I always felt so lucky to feel like a part of the scheme of things. I like feeling small in a big world..u know? I felt like I had my place it wasn't a big was just right. So, I've always felt a really lovely connection. I always felt like outdoors was my church..personally. Yeah, but I've never had any particular. I think all religions are great. They all feel the same to me at the end of the day.

Me : Yeah, exactly. And I just wanted you to maybe say hi to Jessica. She's my little five year old. She loves you! She wants to grow up and sing on stage like Jewel. : )

Jewel : Oh, good! Hi Jessica! Keep singing! (thumbs up!) Well, thank you guys! It was so great to meet you. We had a good time!

Me and Ryan : Thank you!

It was a once in a lifetime experience for me! Of course, now I look back and think of things I should have said and done remembering to bring my list of questions! Oh, well! It was quite an experience! Quite lovely in fact!

Lots o' love,


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Thank you both, great work, I love this really!!!
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Great interview Samantha!

When I first read the title of this post, I thought "oh, no! Someone got fooled into thinking it was Jewel on facebook again"

Glad to hear it's a meet and greet interview!
Did you get to record the interview with a personal recorder or did they give you one to use?

And I agree with Jewel, the brunette looks great!
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Its an amazing interview Samantha and very personal, Jewel seemed very happy to answer all the questions. Im sure i would have frozen lol.
Well done and i hope you can get to do this again soon.

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It was pretty read the interview, thanks for sharing this one with all of us.
Take care, Sonne
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Great interview! And I'm so glad longtime fans get to talk to Jewel and get to ask her question the rest of us is dying to hear

So, maybe she'll put some of those oldies that were recorded at the Innerchange on her next acustic album. Wouldn't that be awsome?
Time knows nothing, we'll never grow old...
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Great interview! Thanks for that.
You could hurt me using the sharp end of what you say
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Thank you Samantha for posting this detailed interview with Jewel. You were natural and spontaneous, it was great and I enjoyed reading the whole interview. Thank you for sharing this glory of talking to Jewel with us. You really got the writer-genes of your late father.

Its so nice to hear a lot from Jewel lately. She really got things worked out. She has vision. Her first child is music and no one can take it from her. Im so glad to hear from her , that she will always make her music even to have a studio in her own home.

Good job, Samantha!!!
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"You really got the writer-genes of your late father."

Thank you so much! I believe that is the nicest compliment that I've ever received!
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Thanks for posting Samantha !

Great interview !
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Great interview Sam.

Stay COOL !!!
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Originally Posted by Sonne View Post
It was pretty read the interview, thanks for sharing this one with all of us.
Take care, Sonne
Hi all!
I've just visited this forum. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thanks.
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Old 07-15-2010, 09:23 AM   #13
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Hi everybody i'm just new in this forum after searching so many forums.I'm a big fan of Jewel Kilcher and i got every thing about Jewel in this forum. Its really very great interview. Everyone must like it. Samantha, your work is good.
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