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Question Help an idiot out...

Whats Rep power mean on the post??? Im sure its something obvious.... i just dunno....
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If you look at the top of each post you'll see a scale, if you click on that you can add to anybody's rep and leave a comment that explains why.
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Little Bird
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It's kind of like a reward feature.

If someone likes your post, they give you positive rep. The more you receive, the higher your rep power is. When you give reputation to someone else, you will give them points to the same value as your rep power.

For example.

Let's say my rep power is 25 and I like your post so I give you positive rep. That means I just gave you 25 points. You already had 50 points so now you have 75.

You see a post that KJM posted so you give him positive rep. He has 10 rep points but seeing as you have a rep power of 75, and gave him rep, he now has 85 points and therefore has a rep power of 85 points.

It also works in a negative way too. If you don't like a persons post, you can affectively take away points from them to the same rep power that you have.

I hope that makes sense. It can be a bit hard to get your head around.

Visually, it can be easy to see that some members have higher rep power which goes to show you that a lot of people here have enjoyed or appreciated their contribution to the forum.
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