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Yes, its a "multiple choice poll", you can vote for as many songs you want =).
Hm, I dont know for which song i should vote..... it might be intuition, it was the only known Jewelsong here in austria, and it makes me to get to know jewels music, but at first time i didnt know that she is the best singer/songwriter of the world !! I dont know why but she remembered me of julia stiles when i first saw the intuitionvideo . I liked the video very much because it swapped between "homecameramadescenes" and moviescenes, but i didnt go after that.... But then... one year later, i bought This Way, because it was in bargain. And since that I LOVE JEWEL. I cant live without her music, it means so much to me. This Way maked me to buy all her albums.
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